pumiceThe following are all the English Language lessons; contact the Geophysical Institute Outreach Office for the Hawaiian Language student lessons.

Hawai`i Content and Performance Standards (HCPS III)

Unit 1 Mo'olelo of Hawai`i
Lesson 1 Mo`olelo of Hawai`i Scavenger Hunt
Lesson 2 Küpuna Speak
Lesson 3 Talk Story
Lesson 4 Write a Mo`olelo
Lesson 5 Design an `Ohe Käpala
Lesson 6 Oral Tradition and Science
Lesson 7 Introduction to the Scientific Method
Lesson 8 Critical Thinking: Mo`olelo and Science
Lesson 9 Mo`olelo of Hawai`i Vocabulary
Lesson 10 Mo`olelo of Hawai`i Lexicon Detective

Unit 2: Planet Earth
Lesson 1 Planet Earth Scavenger Hunt
Lesson 2 Clay Model Earth
Lesson 3
Earth’s Elements and Temperatures
Lesson 4
Liquid Layers
Lesson 5 Determining Density
Lesson 6 Convection Current
Lesson 7 Putting Earth In Its Place
Lesson 8 Planet Earth Vocabulary
Lesson 9 Planet Earth Lexicon Detective

Unit 3: Active Earth
Lesson 1 Active Earth Scavenger Hunt
Lesson 2 Pangaea Puzzle
Lesson 3
Pangaea Science Theories
Lesson 4
Plate Tectonics
Lesson 5 Decoding Plate Names
Lesson 6 Active Earth Vocabulary
Lesson 7 Active Earth Lexicon Detective

Unit 4: Earth's Crust
Lesson 1 Earth’s Crust Scavenger Hunt
Lesson 2 Hess’s Method
Lesson 3
Mollie Magma
Lesson 4
Table Tectonics
Lesson 5 Earth’s Crust Vocabulary
Lesson 6 Earth’s Crust Lexicon Detective

Unit 5: Volcanoes
Lesson 1 Volcanoes Scavenger Hunt
Lesson 2 Drawing Magma
Lesson 3
Lava Flows
Lesson 4
Tephra Catapults
Lesson 5 Volcanoes Vocabulary
Lesson 6 Volcanoes Lexicon Detective

Unit 6 Hawai`i Volcanoes
Lesson 1 Hawai`i Volcanoes Scavenger Hunt
Lesson 2 Toothpaste Chain Volcanoes
Lesson 3
Pacific Plate Movement
Lesson 4 Rate of Plate Movement
Lesson 5 Flour Box Calderas
Lesson 6 Volcano: The Storyboard
Lesson 7 Hawai`i Volcanoes Vocabulary
Lesson 8 Hawai`i Volcanoes Lexicon Detective

Unit 7: Monitoring Volcanoes
Lesson 1 Monitoring Volcanoes Scavenger Hunt
Lesson 2 Rocks and the Rock Cycle Pocket Guide
Lesson 3 Waves of Light
Lesson 4
Invisible Gas, Invisible Ink
Lesson 5
Identifying Rocks
Lesson 6 Measuring Magma Chamber Changes
Lesson 7 Water Tube Tiltmeters
Lesson 8 GPS Mapping
Lesson 9 Using Satellite Images
Lesson 10 Pace and Compass
Lesson 11 Lava Supply
Lesson 12 Determining Lava Temperatures
Lesson 13 Waves We Measure: Electromagnetic or Mechanical?
Lesson 14 P-Waves and S-Waves
Lesson 15 Monitoring Volcanoes Vocabulary
Lesson 16 Monitoring Volcanoes Lexicon

Unit 8: Volcano Hazards
Lesson 1 Volcano Hazards Scavenger Hunt
Lesson 2 Ash Plumes
Lesson 3 Locating the Epicenter
Lesson 4
Carbon Dioxide
Lesson 5
Volcanic Hazards and Risks
Lesson 6 Volcano Hazards Vocabulary
Lesson 7 Volcano Hazards Lexicon Detective

Unit 9: Hazard Simulator
Lesson 1 Hazard Simulator Scavenger Hunt
Lesson 2 Hazards of Volcanoes: Shield vs. Composite
Lesson 3 Exploring Volcanic Hazards: Gas and Vog
Lesson 4
Hazards of the Tilt-a-World
Lesson 5
Critical Thinking: Building Near Volcanoes
Lesson 6 Volcano Models
Lesson 7 Hazards Simulator Vocabulary
Lesson 8 Hazard Simulator Lexicon Detective

Unit 10: Volcanoes Beyond Earth
Lesson 1 Volcanoes Beyond Earth Scavenger Hunt
Lesson 2 Tides and Earth Volcanoes
Lesson 3 Recipe for Volcanoes
Lesson 4
Giant Volcanoes of Mars
Lesson 5
Volcanoes of Io
Lesson 6 Volcanoes on Other Planets
Lesson 7 Tour of the Universe
Lesson 8 Volcanoes Beyond Earth Vocabulary
Lesson 9 Volcanoes Beyond Earth Lexicon Detective


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